deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol that allows decentralized transfer of data and assets between various blockchains.

Bridging, at lightspeed.
Because DeFi doesn't wait.

Blazingly fast bridging
for traders that like to be one step ahead.

Move at
Lightning Speed

Be Unbeatably Fast
Build high performance cross-chain apps that can transfer any amount of info and liquidity with faster time to finality.
Become Hyperefficient
Offer the most competitive rates on the market with shielding from slippage and MEV.
Enable Endless Liquidity
Tap into a global liquidity network that scales without the bottlenecks of liquidity pools.
Integrate Anywhere Power Anything Scale Safer


Integrate Anywhere
Enable native cross-chain liquidity on demand, unlocking endless opportunities for growth
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Power Anything
Transfer value and messages, call any smart contract cross-chain to unlock true compatibility
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Scale Safer
Build safer cross-chain applications free from the risks of locked liquidity
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Audited and Verified

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