deBridge is the bridge that moves at lightspeed, enabling blazingly fast bridge transfers between Ethereum, Solana, and all major chains with deepest liquidity and guaranteed rates.

Bridging, at lightspeed.
Because DeFi doesn’t wait.

Blazingly fast bridging for anyone that likes to be one step ahead

The Bridge Backed by DeFi

Laveen | Nansen 🧭 🐧 β€” @0xlaveen
Product Manager, Nansen
Can't believe how good @deBridgeFinance is
Vidor | Solflare β€” @vidor_solflare
Founder & CEO, Solflare

I am still in disbelief that in 2023 bridges with conversion slippage, risk of MEV, AMM fees, burn/mint model that leaves risk on the end user, are the standard.

I will sit back and enjoy seeing @deBridgeFinance wipe them out in 2024.

h4wk β€” @h4wk
Blockchain Analyst & Ambassador, Flipside
If you have tried @deBridgeFinance once

You would know why they are #1 πŸ“ˆ
cindy β€” @cindyleowtt
cofounder, DriftProtocol

Ok this is actually insane

The largest ever ETH -> SOL USDC bridge tx on @deBridgeFinance just happened

And it was deposited straight into Drift

A trader bridged $4,000,000 via @wintermute_t to @DriftProtocol in a single tx

You are not bullish enough on Solana

y2kappa | Kamino β€” @y2kappa
Founder, Hubble Protocol | KaminoFinance

deBridge is my favourite bridge in crypto, by far.

They are the first ones to come up with cross-chain limit orders / intents.

And now they give you points to try it out.

Jupiter πŸͺ β€” @JupiterExchange
Top DEX aggregator in crypto

We’ve integrated @deBridgeFinance bridging widget to our Solana tab!

Experience native cross-chain trading with deep liquidity and lightning-fast execution, powered by deBridge and Jupiter.

Bridge a variety of tokens between 8 EVM chains and Solana at

1,96 Seconds
Median settlement time
$ 2 Billions
Volume settled
4 bps
Lowest spread
Uptime since launch
0 Security
Since launch

Real-time flows


Audited and Verified

$200,000 Bug Bounty

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