Announcing deBridge’s Collab.Land Reward Distribution

Announcing deBridge’s Collab.Land Reward Distribution

In April this year, we successfully submitted a request to reward as many users as possible who have utilized the Collab.Land bot with a number of COLLAB tokens as part of their airdrop. Collab.Land is a tokenized, community-management system that has been instrumental in streamlining and growing the deBridge community.

70% of the tokens have been distributed on Optimism Mainnet among 4023 community members who hold at least 2 NFTs from the activities listed below.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who holds 2 or more NFTs from the following activities (see overview below) is eligible.

NOTE: Moderators and volunteers who claimed their Volunteer NFT have received a share equal to NFT holders. An extra allocation has also been distributed to the users who have used deSwap/DLN Trade at least once AND hold 2 or more NFTs.

Community Call #2
Community Call #3
Community Call #6
Cross-Chain Quest: Avalanche
Artistic Contributor
Community Call #7
Cross-Chain Quest: Arbitrum
Discord Quiz #1-3
Discord Quiz #4
Community Call #8
deBridge + Rubic AMA
Discord Quiz #5
Discord Quiz #6
Discord Quiz #7
Discord Quiz #8
Discord Quiz #9
Discord Quiz #10
Scaling DeFi for mass adoption w/ Sushi & Astrolab
Community Call #11
Discord Quiz #11
Discord Quiz #12
Discord Quiz #13
Partner Spotlight: Gasless anychain trading with ZeroSwap
Community Call #12
Discord Quiz #14
deBridge x L2BEAT x 0xjim.eth
deBridge Quiz Winner #15
deBridge Collab Land Airdrop contributor
deBridge x Celer x LiFi
deBridge Mainnet 1 year Anniversary Call
deBridge Community Call #14

Thanks to all our community members for their continuous support, and for being part of the journey! Stay tuned for many exciting updates and announcements to come moving forward.

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