Bringing high performance Solana-EVM exchange to MetaMask with Solflare

Bringing high performance Solana-EVM exchange to MetaMask with Solflare

Solfare, a leading wallet for the Solana ecosystem, has integrated the DLN high performance cross-chain trading infrastructure to bring high-speed, native cross-chain transfers to/from Solana in MetaMask. As of today, MetaMask users can now manage their Solana portfolio via their MetaMask wallet through Solana Snaps, and move between EVM and Solana in seconds.

The integration opens the Solana ecosystem up to MetaMask’s multi-million-strong user base, enabling anyone to manage and interact with SOL, SPL tokens, NFTs, and Solana dApps, all via MetaMask.  

DLN’s unique liquidity network approach to cross-chain exchange, built with deBridge’s generic messaging, enables unprecedented performance for integrators and users alike, avoiding the limitations, security risks, and bottlenecks of traditional bridging infrastructure. Commenting on the integration, Solflare Co-founder Vidor Gencel, said:

We’ve chosen deBridge because it’s the fastest and most user-friendly way to bridge between chains. Users are sometimes still scared to use bridges because they’re overwhelmed by their complexity, but with deBridge, every bridging process feels like a regular swap.

By leveraging an off-chain order book and connecting demand with private market maker liquidity, DLN and the DLN API can bring myriad performance advantages to dApps, protocols, and end users looking to move value cross-chain. These include:

  • Near-instant transactions
  • Guaranteed rates and protection from MEV & AMM slippage
  • Increased capital efficiency
  • No possibility of stuck/reverted transactions

To experience this in action, MetaMask users can simply connect their wallet on any Solana app or visit and connect to MetaMask there. After a simple installation process, you can seamlessly move and/or trade your assets from EVM-chains to Solana in around 30 seconds. It has never been easier to start using the thriving ecosystem on Solana with various exciting projects ranging from DeFi to NFTs.

Update your MetaMask Extension
In order to experience Solana in MetaMask, you need to make sure your MetaMask is updated to the latest version.

There will also be a Solana-specific campaign going live in the coming days that aims to drive awareness and interest in this new feature. We have partnered with Solflare to rebate fees in SOL during the first week of the campaign up to $15k. It’s first-come-first-serve (FCFS) and we’re excited to see the increased activity and engagement that the Solana ecosystem will experience.

About Solflare
Solflare is one of the leading Solana wallets built specifically for Solana with a strong emphasis on robust security, an intuitive interface, and continuous innovation. Solflare has emerged as the go-to choice for Solana token holders seeking a safe and accessible platform to manage their assets as over 20% of all SOL is just being staked with Solflare.

About deBridge
deBridge is the infrastructure for high performance interoperability. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables DeFi applications to scale faster with ultra capital-efficient and deep liquidity transfers across chains.

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