Building a secure interoperability layer for Web3

We’re thrilled to unveil our mission to build a secure interoperability layer for Web3, along with a fresh new website and app UI.

Building a secure interoperability layer for Web3

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our mission to build a secure interoperability layer for Web3, along with a fresh new website and app UI that reflects this vision.

We fully believe that in the coming years, trusted cross-chain infrastructure will enable every Web3 user to move seamlessly and securely across chains right from within their favorite applications and websites. No more switching networks, hopping from one transaction to another, or even having to interact with standalone bridges.

Since launching the deBridge generic messaging protocol, we have scaled to operate a suite of cross-chain solutions for developers and projects, from deSwap and dePort, to our developer tools: deSwap Widget, API, SDK, and Plugin. With this broadening in scope, it was a natural step to voice our vision.

The vision

We’ve spent some time thinking about how we want to make this happen, and the values that will help us get there. By having security front and center to everything we do, we want to enable seamless and safe cross-chain experiences all across Web3. That is to say, we aim to be secure, open and composable, and drive innovation. We think these values reflect our drive to give Web3 projects and developers the tools to build secure cross-chain applications with ease.

With this clear vision of who we are and where we’re heading, we’ve launched a new website to convey these values and better communicate with developers, community members, and projects in Web3.

We’ve also given our documentation a major overhaul, with more information and examples for projects and developers to easily start building with our infrastructure and cross-chain solutions. With richer, more in-depth documentation, it has never been easier to get started with deBridge.

Along with this, we’re doubling down on making our own applications as user-friendly as possible. Here, our own bridge app deSwap has been given a more streamlined UI overhaul that we think makes it seamless to swap between any two tokens, on any two chains, in one transaction. This has been an important focus area for us to allow users and projects to go cross-chain, but also to display some of the opportunities and applications that can be built with deBridge.

You can explore our new website here, or make a cross-chain swap with the new deSwap. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Quick links for developers:

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