Building DeFi’s internet of liquidity

Building DeFi’s internet of liquidity

In DeFi, liquidity is the medium of exchange, the oxygen, the force that makes it a fundamentally game changing technology for people. Liquidity is to DeFi what data is to the internet.

Yet, it’s easy to overlook the reasons that the internet managed to reach critical mass and become useful to 70% of the global population. We’d like to highlight two of them:

  1. The Internet is universally accessible
  2. The Internet allows information to be exchanged in real time

These attributes make the internet a fundamentally useful technology — allowing people to be onboarded without friction, without them having to overcome compatibility barriers, like having to switch hosting providers on visiting a new website, having to wait minutes or hours for each response in a conversation, or simply being unable to open an email that was sent from a computer running on a different operating system.

While DeFi may be able to carry on as a collection of isolated ecosystems, the fact is that without a global rail for liquidity exchange, DeFi will never reach critical mass, and the space will continue to dilute the total amount of liquidity, developers, users, and potential. Instead of solving this, the cross-chain space as a whole has been wrongly concentrated on improving the efficiency of cross-chain messaging — something that, without a means for real time liquidity exchange, is not a useful technology.

Today, we present our mission to create “DeFi’s Internet of Liquidity,” an open network for universal liquidity movement. Here’s how we plan to achieve this:

  1. Unified Liquidity: We envision a world where liquidity flows freely across borders in real-time, without any barriers. By providing a unified, borderless ecosystem, people will be able to move and innovate anywhere without friction.
  2. Information Exchange: Just as liquidity should move without delay, information must flow just as freely. By abstracting away the complexities of different blockchains for users, dApps can draw innovation from the whole market to drive forward the next wave of DeFi innovation.
  3. Open Access: We believe in a truly open and inclusive financial ecosystem. Any application, on any chain, should be able to connect to this internet of liquidity with the same ease as plugging into the internet. This inclusivity extends even to permissioned chains, ensuring that no part of the DeFi world is left out of this transformative network.

A Bold New Look for deBridge

In line with our renewed mission, we introduce a bold, refreshed identity for deBridge. This transformation is more than just a visual update; it embodies our unwavering commitment to advancing DeFi. From our symbol to our typography, color system, and website, every element has been redesigned to resonate with our mission.


The new deBridge symbol is an evolution of our classic deBridge icon. Drawing inspiration from the jet turbine, this symbol represents our commitment to efficiency, safety, speed, and global connectivity. Just as a jet turbine revolutionizes air travel by enhancing performance and reliability, our new symbol represents deBridge as a global engine for the DeFi landscape.

Color System

Our new color palette is vibrant and contrasting, designed to embody dynamism and energy. Futuristic hues symbolize the speed and innovation at the heart of DeFi, while the contrast between modern neon tones and muted shades underscores our boldness and reliability. This striking combination captures attention and reflects our commitment to a better DeFi ecosystem.

Design System

The new design system at deBridge is crafted to streamline user interaction. Every element is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for all users. This system reflects our forward-thinking nature, simplifying cross-chain interactions and making DeFi accessible to everyone.


Our typography has been enhanced with the Onest sans-serif font, featuring soft lines that significantly enhance readability and comfort. This modern typeface is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, designed to create a pleasant reading experience. The contrast between its sharp shapes and smooth forms symbolizes both speed and dependability, highlighting our core brand values.


Our redesigned website focuses on a user-centric approach, ensuring an intuitive and seamless experience for everyone. The enhanced navigation, clean design, and rich content make it easier than ever to explore deBridge and our offerings.


The deBridge application has a fresh new facelift, especially designed to elevate your experience to new heights. This update brings a clean, modern look combined with more intuitive workflows, making it easier than ever to navigate and utilize the app’s powerful features.

Together, let’s build DeFi’s internet of liquidity.

About deBridge

deBridge is DeFi’s internet of liquidity, powering real time movement of value and information across the entire DeFi landscape. Enabling unified liquidity, free information exchange, and open access, deBridge turns DeFi into a single open market.

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