deBridge August Update

deBridge August Update

Welcome to the latest deBridge monthly update! August was eventful with tons of updates and progress, and we’re here to summarize everything that happened. Let’s start.

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Major Announcements
Other Announcements and Updates
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There were three major announcements and launches in August:

  • We went live on Base, an L2 network incubated by Coinbase. Base has been integrated into deBridge and DLN for high performance interoperability and fast native trading.
  • We also went live on Optimism, one of the go-to and most established L2s in the space. We’re super excited to support more and more chains including L2s across both deBridge and DLN.
  • We introduced Batch Unlocks for DLN, bringing massive gas cost reductions to cross-chain trades taking place. An important and user-friendly update for the high performance infrastructure we are building.



7 August: Beyond Bridges: The potential for Solana-EVM super dApps

  • We invited Jupiter to discuss the potential for Solana-EVM super dApps.

11 August: Community Call #16

  • Our latest Community Call where we talked about all the latest progress and developments taking place.

25 August: Beyond Bridges: Fueling Optimism’s Explosion in Growth

  • We invited Pendle and Extra Finance to talk about everything about Optimism and what’s behind the recent growth in the Optimism ecosystem.

Protocol Stats

📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics | Dune analytics

  • $123M+ Transaction volume
  • $287k+ fees have been generated by the protocol
  • 167k+ transactions🌉
  • 81k+ unique users
  • 155 assets bridged (Anyone can start moving their assets permissionlessly to any chain to increase token utility and more via dePort)
  • 11 chains supported - New chain added: Optimism (!)

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67k+ Twitter followers 👥
28k+ Discord members 👥
2800+ Telegram members 👥
6 international groups on Discord🌏
16 Community calls (See you at the next one!)📺

That’s all for August! September will be even bigger with more prominent updates and announcements for both users and projects! We already have our eyes on August as there’s still a lot to come!

As always, stay tuned for additional updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Join our Discord to get the conversation started. See you there!

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