deBridge Cross-Chain Quest to Arbitrum is going live!

Win additional incentives by bridging to Arbitrum with deSwap

deBridge Cross-Chain Quest to Arbitrum is going live!

Win additional incentives by bridging to Arbitrum with deSwap

After seeing the success of our Avalanche campaign on Project Galaxy and receiving a lot of positive input and feedback, we wanted to continue encouraging as many community members as possible to experience our secure and seamless bridge solution.

In support of Arbitrum Odyssey’s Bridge Week, we are giving anyone who bridges to Arbitrum a chance to win a unique NFT! deBridge is pleased to be one of the cross-chain interoperability protocols and bridges participating in Odyssey, and we look forward to hearing about your experience bridging to Arbitrum via deSwap.

Intro to Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 (L2) optimistic rollup scaling solution for Ethereum built to reduce the network’s Layer 1 gas footprint and lower transaction costs. L2 rollups are guaranteed by Ethereum’s trustless security, as EVM contracts and Ethereum transactions can run unaltered. By moving contract computation and storage of the Ethereum main chain, Arbitrum aims to provide substantially greater throughput and more scalability.

Cross-Chain Quest: Arbitrum 🆚 Arbitrum Odyssey: Bridge Week

As mentioned above, this campaign is running in parallel to Arbitrum Odyssey, and all prizes are separate and in addition to those offered by Arbitrum. There are key details that everyone should have in mind as they bridge to Arbitrum via deSwap.

Please refer to this table for similarities and differences between the two concurrent campaigns:

**One important detail for the Cross-Chain Quest: Arbitrum: Only the top 1000 addresses with the highest token value bridged in 1 transaction qualify for the NFT.

Do you have inquiries related to these campaigns? Please ask in the #nft-claims channel in Discord, or Telegram.

Being an early deBridge supporter

We want users and projects to experience the many benefits of Arbitrum and Ethereum L2 while also getting acquainted with deBridge and our generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol. We are building out the infrastructure developers need to build secure and seamless cross-chain applications, and for everyone to start experiencing user-friendly journeys across blockchains.

The campaign NFT will be an exclusive badge showing you played a crucial role in bootstrapping the network, and it may be a smart move to collect as many NFTs/badges as possible moving forward.

Now there’s only one thing left to say: Happy bridging🌉

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