deBridge December Roundup

deBridge December Roundup

Welcome to the latest deBridge monthly update! December was the biggest-ever month for deBridge with ATH volumes, events, integrations, and insightful Twitter space. Discover the alpha in a summary of everything that has happened.


It is time to recap the announcements and launches in December:

  • We introduced our “chains flow chart” depicting the flow of funds between our supported chains
  • As of early December, our metrics are seeing unprecedented growth; you should check them out here as well
  • We are powering users of Ondo Finance for virtually instant cross-chain trading to/from USDY from any supported chain
  • We distributed our third and fourth batch of deBridge OP Horizon rebates in December
  • OP Red Wars was all about earning uXP to unlock a reward pool of 31K OP tokens
  • Moongate has integrated DLN API for near-instant bridging to Solana in any Ethereum wallet
  • Our campaign with Perpetual Protocol came to an end, and we distributed 100 OP tokens each to the 5 winners


Wrapping up December with a recap: Check out all the exciting announcements:

  • The deBridge ecosystem had a new ATH and crossed $10 million in volumes over 24 hours in December.



December 6: Series: Breakdown of Important concepts in bite-sized videos

December 7: Building for Uncharted Growth on Solana

  • We invited Jito, Hxro Network, and Kamino Finance to Twitter Spaces to share updates on everything happening on Solana. Stay tuned for more Spaces in 2024

December 19: Navigating the Future of Cross-Chain Intents

  • Our co-founder, Alex Smirnov, was invited by Caddi Finance to speak on the future of cross-chain intents

Protocol Stats
📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics

  • $340M+ Transaction volume
  • $533K+ fees have been generated by the protocol
  • 268K+ transactions 🌉
  • 120K+ unique users
  • 198 assets bridged (Anyone can start moving their assets permissionless to any chain to increase token utility and more via dePort)
  • 9 chains supported (More coming soon)

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68k+ Twitter followers 👥

28k+ Discord members 👥

2500+ Telegram members 👥

6 international groups on Discord🌏

And that’s a wrap! December has been an amazing ride filled with new ATH records, updates, integrations, events, and insightful threads. But hold on, there's more coming! We're prepping to unveil even more exciting updates for our users and projects this January.

As always, keep our notifications on for additional updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Join our Discord to get the conversation started. See you there!

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