deBridge enables failsafe signature propagation with Bundlr

deBridge enables failsafe signature propagation with Bundlr

Upgrading to instant uploads and resilient retrievability guarantees

It’s a pleasure to announce the release of our new deBridge node, v2.5.7, bringing new levels of transparency to our validation network with instant signature uploads and permanent retrievability guarantees via Bundlr.

Check out all the release details here.

Our unique off-chain validation mechanism has always set us apart in the interoperability arena as it allows us to bypass the constraints of on-chain message relay and transaction broadcasting. Instead, all messages are cryptographically signed by validators, and saved to a data availability layer where they can be retrieved by anyone (user or keeper) to be passed through to the destination chain – ensuring unlimited throughput, gas efficiency, and increased security. The efficient distribution of these signatures requires a robust decentralized data availability layer, something we have upgraded now with Bundlr.

We initially used IPFS for this, but it fell short in terms of throughput, speed of data distribution, and storage permanency. Our search for an ideal solution led us to Bundlr, which proved to be a perfect fit for our high performance infrastructure. Capable of processing 50,000 transactions per second, Bundlr matches well with deBridge’s unlimited throughput capability. It offers instant uploads and retrievability and ensures permanent storage of deBridge validator signatures on Arweave. Here’s an example of a transaction using Bundlr.

Our new integration embeds the deBridge node with the Bundlr SDK, enabling validators to immediately store all produced signatures via Bundlr. The integration fosters stronger decentralization guarantees, where Bundlr serves as the default solution to upload and retrieve signatures. As a fallback mechanism, if Bundlr doesn’t respond, the SDK will query our API, securing better guarantees for deBridge’s uptime and message deliverability.

Additionally, in the event our API infrastructure is unavailable, users or integrators will still be able to retrieve validators’ signatures directly from Arweave to deliver messages — the deliverability of cross-chain messages will no longer be affected by the performance or uptime of other services. Signature propagation is now fully decentralized, in line with our commitment to maintaining decentralized infrastructure.

With deBridge, teams can now start leveraging interoperability infrastructure with even stronger uptime and security guarantees as they build unstoppable and high performance cross-chain dApps.

About Bundlr

Bundlr is developing a decentralized data network to help developers solve complex data integrity issues, providing solutions for storage, provenance, and data availability that help you establish a trustless data foundation. Our vision is to be data’s trustless source of truth.

About deBridge

deBridge is a secure cross-chain infrastructure for high performance interoperability. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables DeFi applications to scale faster with ultra capital-efficient and deep liquidity transfers across chains. For more information visit:

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