deBridge February Roundup

deBridge February Roundup

Welcome to the latest deBridge monthly update! February was an amazing month for deBridge with ATH volumes, events, integrations, and a banger Twitter Space. Discover the alpha in a summary of everything that has happened.


It is time to recap the announcements and launches in February:


Wrapping up February with a recap: Check out all the exciting announcements:



February 16: Bridging the gap between Ethereum and Solana

  • We had an amazing conversation on Coindesk TV about how we’re helping Neon EVM bridge the gap between Ethereum and Solana. Watch it now!

February 20: Metis Community Governance - deBridge & AirLyft

  • Metis Community has invited our head of BD, Gal Stern, to speak on what’s driving our growth and what’s on the horizon for everyone.

February 28: A dive into Derivatives on Solana

  • We hosted a Twitter Space with Zeta Markets and Clone Protocol to understand the big moves being made with derivatives on Solana.

Protocol Stats
📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics

  • $686M+ Transaction volume
  • $1.3M+ fees have been generated by the protocol
  • 484K+ transactions 🌉
  • 179K+ unique users
  • 10 chains supported (More coming soon)

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75k+ Twitter followers 👥

29k+ Discord members 👥

2800+ Telegram members 👥

6 international groups on Discord🌏

And that’s a wrap! February has been an incredible ride filled with an ATH record, tons of integrations, multiple IaaS subscriptions, and a Twitter Space. But wait, there's more to come! We are gearing up to reveal even more exciting updates for our users and projects in March.

As always, keep our notifications on for additional updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Join our Discord to get the conversation started. See you there!

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