deBridge integrates Solana to offer high performance Solana-EVM interoperability

deBridge integrates Solana to offer high performance Solana-EVM interoperability

After over a year of development, rigorous testing, and auditing, deBridge is beyond thrilled to unveil generic messaging interoperability for Solana, and along with it high performance cross-chain trading powered by the DLN infrastructure.

Bringing total bi-directional interoperability for the two environments, deBridge enables any EVM smart contracts to prepare on-chain instructions to be executed on Solana, while Solana programs can also seamlessly prepare messages to be sent to any smart contracts on EVM chains.

deBridge’s solution not only resolves the interoperability challenge for Solana but also liquidity bottlenecks by adding support for Solana into DLN — its high-performance trading infrastructure that allows to create an orderbook and efficiently price any asset on any supported EVM chain natively to any asset on Solana.

Any applications and protocols on Solana can now integrate DLN API to allow users to trade natively between chains.

Users can also use the DLN Trade app, facilitating high performance trading to/from Solana without slippage or transfer limits. Here’s a preview video of a cross-chain trade into SOL on Solana.

Together, deBridge generic messaging and DLN API offer builders the opportunity to create first-of-a-kind applications that interoperate seamlessly between Solana and EVM chains, offering:

  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Hyper capital-efficiency without transfer limits
  • Zero reverted transactions
  • MEV protection
  • Guaranteed rates

This introduces end-to-end composability between EVM-Solana applications, enabling complex scenarios — such as a liquidity protocol on Solana opening up a perpetual future on Arbitrum — to be executed lightning-fast with extreme gas and capital-efficiency, guaranteed rates without AMM slippage, and zero MEV.

Plug-and-play interoperability for Solana

deBridge’s solution offers teams every tool they need to tap into the Solana ecosystem without extensive build time, making it easy to build applications that operate seamlessly across EVM and Solana environments.

dApps built in Solidity or Vyper no longer need to develop a Rust-based fork of the codebase from the ground up anymore, as any instruction to be executed by smart contracts on Solana can now be prepared directly from Solidity code using our evm-sol-serializer library.

Meanwhile, the deBridge SDK for Solana allows projects to easily and quickly connect their Solana programs to deBridge and get started transferring any cross-chain messages. deBridge enables passing instructions that can fit up to 10KB of data, which allows developers to include extensive logic in external calls and build more complicated cross-chain primitives.

For instance, any protocol on Solana can now send a message to an EVM chain to deploy a Safe account which can be controlled from Solana and be used to custody assets and interact with any DeFi primitives in EVM. This example demonstrates how to prepare a message for cross-chain deployments.

Features for builders and projects

  • Instructions to Solana can fit up to 10KB, allowing for extensive logic in external calls.
  • The ability to specify only seeds for PDA accounts, eliminating the need for Pubkey calculations from Solidity.
  • Direct trading to Solana without the need for SOL gas.
  • Cross-chain limit orders without the need for off-chain queries.
  • Protocols on Solana can deploy Safe accounts on EVM chains and use them for any interactions with protocols

About deBridge

deBridge is the infrastructure for high performance interoperability. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables DeFi applications to scale faster with ultra capital-efficient and deep liquidity transfers across chains.

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