deBridge now live in Frontier Wallet

Enabling seamless in-app swaps across chains

deBridge now live in Frontier Wallet

We’re excited to announce that Frontier Wallet has integrated deBridge to power seamless cross-chain swaps between any assets in their “front seat to crypto & DeFi” superwallet! Frontier users can now enjoy the benefits of secure cross-chain interoperability, making one-click swaps and transfers across chains from a single interface.

“The future Web3 space will not only have workable interoperability, but also be more decentralized and secure. We are pleased to support Frontier wallet in enabling cross-chain solutions to expand more use cases for their users.” says Alex Smirnov, CEO & Co-Founder of deBridge.

Commenting on the integration, Ravindra Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of Frontier, noted: “As more cross-chain opportunities emerge, we’ve focused on offering our users the most comprehensive and secure bridging options in any wallet. Partnering with deBridge was a perfect fit for us not just because of the protocol’s existing capabilities, but also the promising deSwap Liquidity Network solution that’s around the corner. We’re happy to note that Frontier Wallet users would be amongst the first to experience this revolutionary new bridging solution when it goes live this fall.”

Any Web3 app can integrate deBridge to enable smooth, flexible value transfers that abstract away all the frictions of a legacy cross-chain journey. With deSwap API, it’s simple for any application, wallet, or dApp to enable trustless cross-chain swaps by integrating a few lines of code.

We’re delighted to integrate with Frontier, weeks out from the launch of deSwap Liquidity Network, our zero-TVL solution for zero slippage value transfer across chains. Frontier users will be among the first to experience the fastest and most capital efficient cross-chain transfers available.

About Frontier Wallet

Frontier is a multi-chain, non-custodial DeFi wallet where you can buy, store, transact, swap, and invest in tokens and NFTs. Using your Frontier Wallet, you can easily earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps. The Frontier Wallet offers a secure interface that lets users easily access a range of DeFi features with direct connectivity with dApps across chains.

Using Frontier, users can also track wallets, collect & manage NFTs and get push notifications on any transactions. Adding more chains and simplifying access to Web3, Frontier Wallet aims to make DeFi more accessible for the next billion users.

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About deBridge

deBridge is on a mission to securely unite every blockchain and bring seamless interoperability to Web3. Since launching its cross-chain bridge, deSwap, deBridge has built a suite of solutions enabling Web3 teams to build powerful cross-chain applications across DeFi, NFTs, Metaverses, GameFi, and more. For more information, please visit:

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