deBridge Update — April 2022

Here’s everything you need to know about deBridge in April 2022.

deBridge Update — April 2022

From building new cross-chain solutions to meeting new friends at various industry events, here’s everything you need to know about deBridge in April. In April, deBridge cemented exciting new collaborations, expanded its interoperability ecosystem, and introduced significant new platform enhancements.

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13 April 2022: deBridge Community Call #6

  • Streamed live on Discord and Twitter Spaces. We had a deep dive regarding our Avalanche support, the deSwap API, answered various community questions, and more.

22 April 2022: Metis Fest at Amsterdam

  • Co-founder and CEO Alex Smirnov participated in the event about cross-chain interoperability together with AAVE, HerDAO and Zebu. Here’s the recording


The deBridge team is rapidly expanding and we have now over 20+ team members onboard. We are looking for more great people to join us on our aim to develop a go-to generic messaging protocol and decentralized infrastructure that will securely and seamlessly connect blockchains, protocols, and applications.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Developer Relations Advocate
  • Ecosystem Integration Advocate
  • Senior Solidity Developer
  • Senior Angular Developer
  • JavaScript / TypeScript Software Engineer
  • Product and Visual Designer

Explore all our open roles here: Reach out to us if you want to join the team in a different role!


  • Want to start building with deBridge today? Here are some examples of cross-chain contracts for developers.
  • You can also get started integrating with our deSwap API to enable cross-chain swaps in a matter of minutes. You can find more information here:
  • In the near future, a number of more tutorials on integrating and building on top of deBridge will be available. If you’re ready to get started right away, contact us on Telegram or Discord, or by email at [email protected] If you have any questions or comments concerning the process, please contact us. We’re here to help you have the best integration experience possible


  • Reworked the site header to make it unified across all deBridge subdomains
  • Removed dePort toggle and moved dePort to the header
  • Renamed “Execution fee” to “Included gas fee” to avoid confusion
  • Set minimum possible slippage that can be specified from UI to 0.3% in order to prevent reverted transactions due to low slippage
  • Duplicated “Claim” button on the transaction page, so users can better understand what they should do after a transfer


deBridge network

$33M+ Transaction volume

$100k+ fee generated for validators

66k+ transactions🌉

39k+ unique users

70+ assets bridged

6 chains supported (Many more to come soon)

For more analytics, check out the deBridge Dune dashboard👇

Blockchain ecosystem analytics by and for the community. Explore and share data from Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Optimism…

Stay updated and get involved
16k+ Twitter followers 👥

12k+ Discord members 👥

3500+ Telegram members 👥

9 international groups on Discord🌏

6 Community calls📺


With the success of hitting some great milestones during April, we’re excited to continue this momentum in May and the next months to come! Remember to follow our socials below to stay updated, try out deSwap to seamlessly go cross-chain, and get started building with deBridge! We’re just getting started🌉

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