deBridge March Update

deBridge March Update

Welcome to another exciting monthly deBridge update! Today, we will go through everything that’s been happening in the deBridge ecosystem. Fasten your seatbelts, and let's go for it!

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March 8:  Stakin - What are blockchain bridges?

  • A shoutout to deBridge on Stakin’s YouTube video. We’re excited to work closely with great infrastructure partners like Stakin.

March 20: Towards a decentralized liquidity network

  • Our CEO and Co-founder, Alex Smirnov, joined Node Guardians’ podcast to talk about deBridge, security and, of course, DLN.

March 21: DLN Galxe campaign

  • DLN launched a campaign on Galxe for open letter signers. Those who signed it were able to claim a special NFT.

March 31: Community Call #14

  • We updated our community about the most recent product development and ecosystem updates happening at deBridge. We do these monthly, so make sure to tune in to the next one!



  • Looking to start building powerful cross-chain applications? Here’s our deBridge developer portal. Check it out!
  • Here are some helpful examples of cross-chain contracts for developers.
  • Anyone can get started integrating with our deSwap API to enable cross-chain swaps between any liquid assets in a matter of minutes. Different projects have already done it, and more will be announced in the near future. You can find more information here:
  • deBridge SDK makes it easier than ever to start going cross-chain with our generic messaging infrastructure, where builders can track and execute claims.
  • Here’s an overview of a range of deBridge cross-chain dApp examples to help you on the way.
  • Hands-on video guide where we go through how to start building powerful cross-chain applications with the deBridge generic messaging protocol. It has never been easier to go cross-chain.
  • We will add more tutorials on integrating and building with deBridge. Contact us on Telegram or Discord, or by email at [email protected] to get started right away. We’re here to help you have the best integration experience possible 💪


Protocol Stats 📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics | Dune analytics

  • $98,527,118+ Transaction volume
  • $236,126+ fees generated for validators
  • 134k+ transactions🌉
  • 69k+ unique users
  • 128 assets bridged (Anyone can permissionsly start bridging their assets to any chain to increase token utility and more via dePort)
  • 7 chains supported (Many more coming soon 👀)

Stay updated and get involved

  • 57k+ Twitter followers 👥
  • 27k+ Discord members 👥
  • 2800+ Telegram members 👥
  • 6 international groups on Discord🌏
  • 14 Community calls so far 📺


  • Check out what exactly DLN is  and why the community is hyped for launch.
  • Our hardhat plugin that removes all the scariness when building cross-chain by allowing you to test everything in a safe environment.
  • Transparency must be the new norm.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for making it this far.

As always, stay tuned for additional updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Join our Discord to get the conversation started. See you there.

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