deSwap API: Decentralized Cross-Chain Swaps for Protocols and Applications

We’re excited to release the deSwap API, a B2B solution available for everyone that can be used by dApps and B2C projects.

deSwap API: Decentralized Cross-Chain Swaps for Protocols and Applications

Two weeks ago we released deSwap, a cross-chain swaps solution built on top of deBridge infrastructure with 1inch routing algorithms. It enables anyone to perform atomic cross-chain swaps between arbitrary tokens across different chains at the best market rates in one single transaction. So far the application has been accessible only through our website

Launching deSwap API

Today, we’re excited to release the deSwap API, a B2B solution available for everyone that can be used by dApps and B2C projects like wallets, DEXs, aggregators, and others.

deSwap API provides projects with a seamless and effective way to enable capital-efficient cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets in any application. It takes just a few lines of code to get started building cross-chain swaps. Developers can utilize Swagger provided for API to see all possible parameters that can be passed to the API and start constructing cross-chain swaps right from the browser. Our API Quick Start Guide guides developers through the process of seamless integration.

We have been talking to numerous projects about this API and having the ability to enable cross-chain swaps in one transaction, and we’re so excited that it’s finally live. You can get started and find all the relevant details about the deSwap API here:

Here’s an example of how deSwap works in practice:

Messaging and Commands

As a cross-chain messaging protocol, deBridge allows adding additional messages and commands into deSwap transactions to enable any arbitrary cross-chain interactions. It’s now possible to let users perform cross-chain swaps and supply the resulted liquidity to a protocol in the same transaction. This facilitates a new level of user experience and seamless liquidity flows.

Improved User Experience

The users only need to decide on the asset to be sent from the source chain and the one to be received on the destination chain. The conversion happens automatically in one transaction and users don’t need to interact with any wrapped assets and think about liquidity. deSwap provides easy, cost-effective, and fast cross-chain conversions between arbitrary assets.

Cross-chain Swaps Between Canonical Assets

For projects and protocols that already have their own canonical tokens deployed on multiple chains, the deSwap API is a go-to solution to let users easily convert between canonical assets. Users don’t need to think about bridges anymore as atomic conversions between canonical assets can be performed right in the project’s UI in one transaction.

Opportunities with the deBridge Infrastructure

deSwap represents one out of endless opportunities across DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and other areas that can be built on top of the deBridge infrastructure, and we’re very excited to work with protocols and applications to help them go cross-chain. Reach out to us or go here if you want your protocol or application to start going cross-chain today!

deSwap | Docs | Discord | Twitter | Website | Telegram | GitHub

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