Introducing deBridge IaaS, a turnkey solution for EVM & SVM cross-chain interoperability with Neon Labs as first partner

Introducing deBridge IaaS, a turnkey solution for EVM & SVM cross-chain interoperability with Neon Labs as first partner

We’re thrilled to announce deBridge IaaS (Interoperability-as-a-Service), the first service enabling complete cross-chain interoperability for EVM & SVM blockchain ecosystems, with Neon Labs as its first user.

What is deBridge IaaS?

deBridge IaaS is a turnkey solution for both EVM and SVM blockchain ecosystems, permissionless and permissioned, solving all three pillars of interoperability simultaneously including transfers of authenticated messages, cross-chain asset custody, and native high performance value exchange. Features and opportunities include:

  1. deBridge Messaging: Provides a decentralized infrastructure powering cross-chain message and data transfers — with authentication. deBridge allows smart contracts deployed across different EVM and SVM chains to establish an authenticated communication channel.
  2. DLN Cross-Chain Exchange: A high performance cross-chain trading infrastructure built on deBridge with a unique 0-TVL design. DLN offers zero slippage on any order size, deeper market depth, fastest settlement times, and native asset trading without the risks of locked liquidity.
  3. dePort Asset Custody: Allows for seamless custody of assets from other networks in just one click. Projects and DAOs can scale effortlessly into neighboring ecosystems and create utility for their assets across different chains.

How does subscription work?

IaaS works on a subscription-based model with monthly or quarterly payments. Any on-chain address can initialize subscription by providing an RPC for the network and performing the payment.

$11k/month with monthly payments or $10k/month for quarterly payments.

Once the payment is accepted by the IaaS smart contract, deBridge validators will automatically pick up the blockchain and start validating messages coming to/from ecosystem, and DLN market makers automatically start receiving quotes on all trades created getting ability to monetize their liquidity fulfilling trades coming to or from a new chain.

Neon will leverage deBridge IaaS for complete bidirectional interoperability between Neon EVM and all other chains supported by deBridge, so that users can efficiently transfer liquidity.

Neon EVM: A Scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine

Neon EVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that operates as a smart contract on Solana, enabling developers to directly deploy Ethereum dApps with no code change, while benefiting from Solana's high throughput and scalability.

This partnership between deBridge and Neon EVM is a momentous step towards interoperability between different blockchain ecosystems. This partnership will help unlock the full potential of the EVM on Solana — Marina Guryeva, director of the Neon Foundation.

Who is it for?
deBridge IaaS is a complete solution for any blockchain/ecosystem, designed to make it easy to open up global interoperability.

With a simple subscription fee, blockchains can solve the three interoperability challenges and make their ecosystem instantly accessible and composable from any EVM or SVM chain.

About deBridge
deBridge is the infrastructure for high performance interoperability. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables DeFi applications to scale faster with ultra capital-efficient and deep liquidity transfers across chains.

Get started with deBridge and DLN today. Learn more about deBridge and DLN and how to build with us:

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