Introducing deBridge P2P, a global OTC desk for DeFi

Introducing deBridge P2P, a global OTC desk for DeFi

At deBridge, we’re building the infrastructure for a global, unified DeFi market. Moving forward in this mission, we introduce P2P, a global OTC desk for power DeFi users.

deBridge P2P enables fully non-custodial cross-chain OTC deals, giving anyone the ability to choose a counterparty for their cross-chain transfer. In simple terms, when you choose to perform a trade from the P2P tab, you can create orders from any arbitrary token on one chain into any arbitrary token on another at the desired price.

Apart from the ability to propose native and direct trades between any assets, users get absolute confidence with P2P — they control the price and execution, have absolute certainty that their trade will be fulfilled without slippage, and have the ability to cancel at any moment before fulfillment.

Users and institutions can also make compliant cross-chain trades, where they need to know the origin of liquidity used to fulfill the trade and know who was the counterparty. The addresses of our institutional partner RockawayX is one of the options on P2P’s default address book, which users can select to propose any OTC deals or trades. If you’re an institution and would like to be listed as a possible counterparty, feel free to reach out.

Finally, users and institutional players have the power to create cross-chain trades with optional compliance and make unstoppable, decentralized OTC deals.

With P2P, deBridge ensures you never lose custody of the asset during a trade or an OTC deal. This is specifically helpful for traders and holders who want to sell their assets cross-chain to a specific counterparty trader at an agreed price without involving CEX or DEX liquidity pools (anonymity).

What are some use cases?

  1. Institutions making compliant trades with a known counterparty
  2. Anyone can do OTC deals without counterparty risks, as parties never lose custody of the assets
  3. Prior to the token listing on any exchange, anyone can engage in OTC trading on any asset. For example, you can exchange a newly created token on Solana for a non-liquid token on Arbitrum without the need to rely on written agreements or OTC desks
  4. Privacy-centric large-block transactions, where users don’t want to leak data about deals to centralized counterparties and can trade P2P, onchain.

About deBridge

deBridge is the bridge that moves at lightspeed. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables value and information to flow across the DeFiverse virtually instantly with deep liquidity and guaranteed rates.

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