Introducing deBridge SDK

A production-ready software development kit for cross-chain innovation

Introducing deBridge SDK

A production-ready software development kit for cross-chain innovation

Today, we are excited to unveil deSDK, a framework-agnostic software development kit enabling anyone to send, track, and claim any cross-chain messages programmatically with the deBridge protocol. Using deSDK, it’s now safer and easier to go cross-chain and build entirely new types of cross-chain applications and primitives. You can find the deSDK on our Github here.

With the launch of deSDK, deBridge is reshaping the way projects and developers can approach their cross-chain strategies, with our development tools including deSwap API, Widget, and our SDK making it easy and quick to integrate securely.

Why deSDK?

In the context of the current cross-chain landscape, there’s a clear need for a secure, decentralized interoperability layer that allows projects and users to scale with ease across ecosystems, access more liquidity and opportunities, and tap into an abstraction layer taking away the complexity. This is where deBridge and our deSDK come in to enable all types of cross-chain strategies.

Before deSDK, projects and developers wanting to go cross-chain with deBridge needed to have some understanding of our smart contracts, requiring a deep level of knowledge of our stack. deSDK changes this, abstracting away the complexities of the development process. All utilities speak for themselves with deSDK, making it easy to execute tasks like:

  • Construct a cross-chain call to the deBridge smart contract for the origin chain with the intention to be bridged and executed on the destination chain
  • Track the status of the message, answering the following questions:

⚪️ “Has the message been accepted by the gate on the origin chain?”

⚪️ “What is the current status of the message? Has the time come for validators to check it? How many validators (or, have enough validators) have validated it and signed it off?”

⚪️ “Has the time come to claim the submission on the destination chain?”

  • Construct a transaction to claim submission on the destination chain (in case automatic execution has been turned off by the sender), with all necessary data acquired
  • Check if the submission was executed on the destination chain

deSDK is framework and library-agnostic, giving builders full flexibility to use any toolbase of their choice. It’s written in Typescript and fully open-sourced, and published as an NPM package. deSDK is easily embeddable into different software for builders and projects to quickly get started building with deSDK to go cross-chain.

Moreover, since the internal structures are strictly typed via Typescript, it provides increased security and reliability by preventing errors when dealing with data-passing to/from deSDK.

How to get started with deSDK

To get started with deSDK, the first step is to install and explore the @debridge-finance/desdk npm package. You can then quickly get started submitting cross-chain calls, tracking submissions, and executing message claims.

You can also find deSDK on our Github repo:

Moving forward

Alongside today’s deSDK release, we have also shipped our own deSwap API and widget for third-party dApps and developers. We have made progress in developing a secure solution to remove technical barriers to transferring any messages or assets across supported chains.

We will continue to push forward to ship additional developer toolings while continuing to build a secure interoperability layer making cross-chain development simple, safe, and seamless. In the meantime, follow our socials for the latest updates!

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