TEN Finance integrates deSwap Widget to scale across chains

TEN Finance integrates deSwap Widget to scale across chains

Powering plug-and-play cross-chain solutions for DeFi

It’s a pleasure to announce that TEN Finance, a yield optimizer based on BNB Chain, has integrated the deSwap Widget to bring seamless cross-chain swaps to their users. TEN Finance users can now make quick and secure swaps in minutes, moving between any liquid assets on any supported chains.

For teams, the deSwap Widget abstracts all the complexities of cross-chain interoperability into a single plug-and-play solution, meaning anyone can simply integrate a few lines of code and start offering their user base a unified experience trading across chains. Any project can get started here.

Enhanced yield optimization is another benefit of this integration — TEN Finance’s users can now take advantage of a wider range of yield opportunities available in different DeFi ecosystems, maximizing their returns and creating a more diversified portfolio.

With more and more projects integrating with deBridge and our cross-chain infrastructure, we can look forward to the efficiencies of an interconnected DeFi ecosystem.

About TEN Finance

TEN, the Token Enrichment Network, is the next generation of Decentralized Finance, powered by BNB Chain. TEN leverages innovations brought to market by first-generation DeFi projects and integrate emerging technologies to enhance yield optimization in a simple yet efficient manner.

About deBridge

deBridge is on a mission to securely unite every blockchain and bring seamless interoperability to Web3. Since launching its cross-chain DEX, deSwap, deBridge has built a go-to generic messaging infrastructure and a suite of solutions enabling Web3 teams to build powerful cross-chain applications across DeFi, NFTs, Metaverses, GameFi, and more. For more information visit: https://debridge.finance.

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