one solution, complete interoperability

deBridge IaaS is a total solution for EVM & SVM blockchain ecosystems, enabling cross-chain messaging, asset custody, and value exchange all with one subscription.

The only cross-chain solution you’ll ever need

Secure messaging
Open up secure intercommunication with all EVM and SVM chains.
High performance exchange
Power near-instant value transfers with MEV and slippage protection.
Asset custody
Bring any assets on any chains to your ecosystem.
Single subscription
Solve all three cross-chain challenges with one simple on-chain subscription.
This partnership between deBridge and Neon EVM is a momentous step towards interoperability between different blockchain ecosystems.
It will help unlock the full
potential of the EVM on Solana.
Marina Guryeva
Director of the Neon Foundation
Asset Custody
Value Transfer

Cross-chain, but without bottlenecks

Native token bridging
Deeper market depth
Guaranteed rates
Near-instant settlement
Zero TVL
at risk
Zero wrapped assets
Limit order trading
Zero slippage