Any Arbitrary Cross-Chain Swaps with deBridge + 1inch Network

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with 1inch Network that finally enables cross-chain swaps between any arbitrary asset.

Any Arbitrary Cross-Chain Swaps with deBridge + 1inch Network

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with 1inch Network that finally enables cross-chain swaps from any arbitrary asset to another in one transaction. We’re the first cross-chain protocol to enable this possibility — let’s dive into what this means for projects and users.

Improved Cross-Chain Swaps

Following an exciting mainnet launch in February, our collaboration with the 1inch Network now enables cross-chain swaps between any arbitrary assets, starting with Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum. The deBridge infrastructure is used to transfer assets and data for the 1inch router that executes the transaction data and swaps the liquidity into the target asset. Everything happens in the background, making it efficient and easy to use for projects and users alike.

deSwap Launch

We’re additionally introducing deSwap, a natively built cross-chain swaps application on the deBridge infrastructure, that launches with a software development kit (SDK) based on the 1inch routing algorithms. The SDK can be utilized by dApps and business-to-consumer (B2C) projects such as wallets to provide users with the ability to do decentralized asset conversions directly within the application — all in 1 transaction.

You can try out deSwap and cross-chain swaps from any arbitrary assets here:

deSwap is an example of one of many cross-chain applications that can be built on top of the deBridge infrastructure. Imagine tapping into a fully composable cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables you to seamlessly transfer and communicate between blockchains. That’s where deBridge comes in. A multi-step and inconvenient cross-chain path is now a thing of the past.

Opportunities and Integration Process

Why build with deSwap and the SDK? First and foremost, it enables you to get started offering cross-chain swaps in any application and to facilitate an improved user experience. By using deSwap, DAOs and protocols can improve capital efficiency while allowing decentralized cross-chain swaps with more flexibility. This provides the opportunity for projects to seamlessly add additional opportunities directly in their application.

How deSwap Works in practice

Here’s an example of a cross-chain swap where the 1inch router is shown in the deSwap UI. Users are able to see the exact routing from the source chain to the destination chain.

deBridge Co-Founder and CEO Alex Smirnov stated, “We’re excited to partner with 1inch to integrate their best-in-class liquidity aggregation with deBridge’s cross-chain infrastructure in order to build a go-to interoperable solution for protocols and consumers.”

“While DeFi has experienced exponential growth, this sector has been constrained by a lack of cross-chain capabilities. The relationship between 1inch and deBridge will enable projects and users to tap into deep cross-chain liquidity while also developing new primitives and applications, which will propel the ecosystem’s growth into the next phase,” said Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch.

Why Decentralization Matters

An evolving regulatory landscape brings about a lot of uncertainty. Accounts are being frozen and people can easily become censored by centralized entities. The deBridge infrastructure and the deSwap application are both fully permissionless and decentralized, meaning that users have sole control over their funds and private keys, and don’t need to bear additional risks.

Users can freely trade and convert between assets without centralized risks. This is a critical design feature for a decentralized cross-chain swaps application like deSwap when users need it the most.

Our Community

We want to thank everyone in our community for their amazing support over the past few months. It was exciting to finally go live on mainnet in February, and now we’re moving forward in full speed with this partnership and important launch of deSwap, with much more to come. We’re looking forward to continue building with everyone and pushing this entire ecosystem forward🌉

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