Avalanche is here!

You may have heard that “blockchains are cities”. Today we’re excited to introduce you to the next city that the deBridge network supports…

Avalanche is here!

You may have heard that “blockchains are cities”. Today we’re excited to introduce you to the next city that the deBridge network supports: Avalanche🔺

Why Avalanche and its ecosystem?

Avalanche is a layer-1 blockchain and an open-source platform for deploying decentralized applications in a highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche has seen tremendous user adoption and growth via its rapid consensus mechanism and high throughput, and they open up unique opportunities for protocols and applications.

Today, the ecosystem has ~$9b in TVL, more than 200 protocols integrated including wallets, DEXs, borrowing and lending protocols, and games, and they are just started taking their scaling to the next level via subnets.

Opportunities from day 1

The deBridge protocol is live on Avalanche which means that protocols and applications from other blockchains or Avalanche can start passing any arbitrary assets and messages and building new cross-chain applications. Wrapped assets by deBridge (deAssets) can also be easily moved between the networks that deBridge supports without any friction and they are always backed 1:1.

Projects and users can also start utilizing deSwap, a cross-chain app built on deBridge, that enables cross-chain swaps between any arbitrary assets in a single transaction. This is facilitated via a recently created Curve Pool with deUSDC and av3CRV.

Getting started with deBridge?

Welcome! It’s great to have you with us and that you’re part of deBridge, one of the leading generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocols and pioneers in the space. deBridge started with five supported chains when going live on mainnet:

  1. Ethereum
  2. BNB Chain
  3. HECO
  4. Arbitrum
  5. Polygon

Now, we’re just getting started to rapidly scale up with additionally supported networks, starting with 6th: Avalanche.

With more networks being added, protocols and applications are getting access to a cross-chain interoperability protocol like deBridge that provides:

  • Scale up to new blockchains and exchange messages between components of their protocol
  • Let users from other ecosystems interact with their protocol
  • Facilitate composability with other ecosystems
  • A protocol fully focused on security and reliability with no prior hacks and exploits.
  • An efficient and decentralized infrastructure that enables all types of cross-chain messaging and interactions. The opportunities are truly endless!

How to use deSwap and the deBridge infrastructure

We have put together an intuitive and easy guide on how to use deBridge. You can also find more information on our website and docs.

Here’s an overview of how to use deSwap:

We have also released the deSwap API for projects to enable capital efficient cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets directly in any application. It just takes a few lines of code to get started. Reach out to us if you have any questions or if we can help you start building with deBridge and deSwap.

Documentation and Swagger for deSwap API can be found here: https://debridge.finance/api

Join the deBridge community for what’s coming next

We would like to thank everyone in our community for their continuous support and for pushing the deBridge ecosystem forward. If you want to learn more about deBridge, have questions, or need help, we encourage you to join our community.

We’re eager to help out and to hear your input and feedback about the future of deBridge. We’re just getting started🌉

Website | deSwap | Docs | Discord | GitHub | Twitter | Telegram

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