deBridge April Roundup

deBridge April Roundup

Welcome to the latest deBridge monthly update! April marked the most significant month for deBridge yet, with the introduction of the deBridge Points program, reaching $2 billion in volume, the launch of deBridge Globs, numerous integrations, and an exciting Twitter space event. Dive into the highlights for all the latest updates.


It is time to recap the announcements and launches in April:



April 11: Native Carnival Weeks

  • Intract community invited our head of BD, Gal Stern, to speak on the deBridge points program and what's coming up for deBridge.

April 26: Deep dive into onchain predictions with Azuro

  • We hosted a Twitter space inviting the Azuro team to understand the prediction markets and how they are building the onchain layer for predictions and gaming.

Protocol Stats
📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics

  • ~$2B Transaction volume
  • $5M+ fees have been generated by the protocol
  • 156K+ transactions 🌉
  • 328K+ unique users
  • 10 chains supported (More coming soon)
  • 666M+ deBridge Points

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95k+ Twitter followers 👥
33k+ Discord members 👥
3400+ Telegram members 👥
6 international groups on Discord🌏

And that’s a wrap! April has been an incredible ride filled with the launch of a points program, $2 billion in volume, tons of integrations, and a Twitter space. But wait, there's more to come! We are now focusing on our ultimate goal of decentralization, with even more exciting updates planned for our users in May.

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