deBridge Cross-Chain Quest: Avalanche

Get ready to go cross-chain — in collaboration with Project Galaxy.

deBridge Cross-Chain Quest: Avalanche

Get ready to go cross-chain — available on Project Galaxy.

We like seamless transfers of assets and messages, and we like NFTs. When we combine the two, we get the best from both worlds. Do you feel the same? Then read on, this is for you.

We announced last week that deBridge now supports Avalanche🔺. Today, we are excited to announce an NFT campaign available on Project Galaxy. We invite users to try out how cross-chain interoperability works with deBridge and the generic messaging protocol that we have built, with a focus on doing transfers to the Avalanche ecosystem.

The Avalanche ecosystem has seen immense growth and adoption over the past 12 months. We want to encourage more users and projects to interact with this thriving ecosystem via deBridge and the applications being built on top of the protocol when transferring/swapping assets to Avalanche. This initiative will last over 2 weeks to give everyone sufficient time to experience secure and decentralized cross-chain transfers of assets and data, and with that get an exclusive NFT.

deBridge is a generic messaging and cross-chain infrastructure for protocols and applications to build with to transfer assets and data between different blockchains in a seamless and effective way, all in a single transaction. The protocol is still recently new and unexplored by many, and we want to change this and give away some amazing prizes along the way.

Does this sound interesting? Let’s dive into the details on how to participate👇

Here’s the campaign link:

Quest Details

  1. The campaign starts today (April 20) and goes on for 2 weeks
  2. To be eligible you need to transfer/swap at least $200 worth of tokens to Avalanche via the deBridge UI: The exchange rate is based on the time of the transaction in deUSDC.
  3. A snapshot is taken for all the addresses eligible for the NFT drop on May 4.
  4. Those who have successfully completed the steps and are whitelisted can claim an exclusive Avalanche NFT after connecting their wallet to Project Galaxy.

We want this to be simple and intuitive for users to have a user-friendly and great experience. This is the way we push cross-chain interoperability forward and something that we’re highly focusing on.

You can start going cross-chain here:

What’s the utility of the NFT?

  • There will be an additional raffle after the campaign ends where all holders of the NFT and those who joined our Discord and validated their NFT will be enrolled for a lucky draw.
  • Token pass for future deBridge activities.

This NFT shows that you’re an early supporter of the deBridge ecosystem! We are also exploring additional ways to increase utility for the NFTs that can be obtained via different events. We have some exciting ideas that we’re looking forward to sharing with everyone. In short, it may be a smart move to participate in the different activities and collect various deBridge NFTs moving forward👀

If you need any help or have some questions along the way, let us know on Discord or Telegram. We’re here to guide you during the process. Now it’s only one thing to say: Happy bridging🌉

Learn more about deBridge and what we’re building here.

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