deBridge now supports Unstoppable Domains

For seamless login functionality to all deApps via Unstoppable Domains

deBridge now supports Unstoppable Domains

For seamless login functionality to all deApps via Unstoppable Domains

We’re happy to share that deBridge now supports login via Unstoppable Domains! Anyone with an Unstoppable domain can now smoothly connect to deSwap and swap any liquid assets across chains in one transaction.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is at the forefront of crypto domain registrations with over 2.5M domains registered, 275+ tokens and coins supported, and more than 330 integrations across Web3. An Unstoppable Domain is a crypto wallet address, Web3 login, and universal username, all rolled into one.

NFT domains are reshaping identity management for Web3 and that’s something deBridge sees value in. By simplifying onboarding into Web3, Unstoppable Domains enables:

  • Complete ownership of domains, enabling permanent ownership. Once you buy an Unstoppable domain, you own it for life. This is a major contrast to the Web2 model with traditional domain registrars
  • Full wallet functionality, allowing you to receive and send a variety of cryptocurrencies.
  • Zero renewal fees
  • dApp support, enabling users to use any application natively in Unstoppable’s browser
  • Immutability (blockchain security guarantees)

With that, users can now seamlessly go cross-chain with their Unstoppable domain by logging in to deSwap.

To learn more about Unstoppable Domains and get your first domain, visit their website or visit their domain registry.

We’re excited to support Unstoppable Domains and work towards combining the future of identity with the easiest way to go cross-chain for both users and projects. We both believe in a cross-chain future where users have the most seamless experience possible!

About deBridge

deBridge is a generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables anyone to build powerful cross-chain applications where value and messages flow seamlessly. The protocol is a secure infrastructure and framework for:

  • Cross-chain composability of smart contracts
  • Cross-chain swaps between any assets. deSwap is one of the applications built on top of deBridge
  • Bridging of any asset and message in one transaction
  • Interoperability and bridging of NFTs

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