deBridge x Zeta Airdrop Campaign

deBridge x Zeta Airdrop Campaign

We’re excited to share that Zeta Markets, a leading DeFi derivatives platform on Solana, will be rewarding deBridge users as part of their community airdrop campaign. deBridge is one of seven partners exclusively selected by Zeta to join a trading competition where 10 million $Z tokens are up for grabs.

To celebrate the launch, Zeta will reward deBridge users who have made (or will make) at least 5 bridge transfers to Solana and have earned Z-score trading on the Zeta platform by the end of the campaign.

Zeta has reserved 0.08% (800K $Z) of the total supply for the deBridge community and an additional 0.2% of the supply as a bonus reward for the Top 3 communities participating in the competition. The 0.08% allocation of $Z tokens will be distributed proportionally amongst all eligible users based on their Z-Score at the end of the campaign, May 21st at 23:59 UTC.

If the deBridge community finishes in the top 3 by total Z-Score, it will earn an additional $Z bonus in Q2 2024 when scores are converted to tokens. However, it is important to note that users can only represent a single community (such as deBridge) per wallet to earn the Z-Score and participate in the Zeta airdrop campaign.

Pledge your allegiance to deBridge here:

What is the eligibility?

Any user that has bridged at least 5 times to Solana will be eligible to compete for a Z-Score — at the end of the campaign. The $Z allocation will be distributed proportionally amongst the deBridge users based on their Z scores (no Z-score = no allocation). The competition starts May 8th at 12:00 UTC and ends May 21st at 23:59 UTC

Naturally, users can also bridge assets right within the Zeta dApp and deposit funds into their margin account. Head over to to start bridging!

About Zeta Markets

Zeta Markets is a unique DeFi Futures and options derivatives exchange on Solana, enabling users to effectively hedge risk against crypto market movement and events.

About deBridge

deBridge is building the bridge that DeFi deserves. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables value and information to flow anywhere virtually instantly with deep liquidity and guaranteed rates.


What is the Zeta Community Airdrop and why is deBridge involved?

As one of Zeta’s partners, the deBridge community has been granted an allocation of 800,000 Zeta tokens. Zeta’s community airdrop is designed to reward members of their strategic partner communities who trade on Zeta.

What are the starting and ending dates of the campaign?

The Zeta airdrop campaign will run for a period of 14 days starting from May 8th at 12:00 UTC till May 21st at 23:59 UTC.

How many Zeta tokens has the deBridge community been allocated?

800,000 Zeta tokens, or 0.08% of the total supply, have been set aside for the deBridge community.

How can I be eligible for the Zeta Community Airdrop?

Anyone who bridges at least 5 times to Solana on deBridge is eligible to compete in Zeta’s trading competition, which will determine who receives the airdrop.

Can I join more than one community?

You can only join one community (such as deBridge) per wallet. Once decided, you can pledge your allegiance on Zeta’s website here:

Does my previous Z-Score count toward the competition?

No! For the competition, all participants start at 0 Z-Score. However, the Z-Score you earn during the competition will add to the Z-Score you’ve already accumulated (if any).

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