Dexfin Wallet Integrates deSwap API for Frictionless Cross-Chain Value Transfers

Dexfin Wallet Integrates deSwap API for Frictionless Cross-Chain Value Transfers

Bringing low-cost cross-chain swaps to Dexfin Wallet

We’re very excited to share that Dexfin Wallet has integrated the deSwap API to bring seamless, secure, and trustless cross-chain trading to their self-custodial wallet.

Dexfin Wallet is a seedless self-custodial wallet for digital assets and NFTs, focused on offering an innovative way to interact with crypto — with advanced login functionality, DeFi connectivity, and multichain support, Dexfin Wallet aims to revolutionize the way people manage their digital assets. Now with deSwap API, users can now easily perform cross-chain token swaps from Dexfin Wallet in a single transaction.

Powered by deBridge, the deSwap API serves as an abstraction layer for all types of cross-chain interactions and messages. Its simplicity allows for the seamless integration of decentralized cross-chain swaps between assets in any application. Thanks to this integration, Dexfin Wallet users can now execute one-transaction swaps across supported blockchains directly within the wallet, offering a truly intuitive and immersive user experience.

By streamlining the experience of moving cross-chain, wallets like Dexfin are positioning themselves to become ‘super dApps,’ offering access to a wide range of decentralized applications and blockchains from one location.

About Dexfin Wallet

Dexfin Wallet is a next-generation self-custodial wallet for digital assets and NFTs, providing users with an innovative way to interact with crypto. With its institutional-level security, user-friendly interface, and advanced functionality, Dexfin Wallet aims to eliminate the legacy of crypto's early days and make digital asset management accessible to everyone. Key features of Dexfin Wallet include easy cryptocurrency purchases, portfolio tracking and management, quick cross-chain token swaps, seamless dApp connectivity, and support for multi-chain NFTs.

About deBridge

deBridge is on a mission to securely unite every blockchain and bring seamless interoperability to Web3. Since launching its cross-chain DEX, deSwap, deBridge has built a go-to generic messaging infrastructure and a suite of solutions enabling Web3 teams to build powerful cross-chain applications across DeFi, NFTs, Metaverses, GameFi, and more. For more information visit:

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