Perpetual Protocol Integrates deBridge Widget for High-Speed Cross-Chain Deposits

Perpetual Protocol Integrates deBridge Widget for High-Speed Cross-Chain Deposits

Cross-chain trading to Optimism just got an upgrade!

We are excited to announce that Perpetual Protocol, an on-chain perpetual futures decentralized exchange, has made the strategic move to integrate the deBridge Widget, creating a near-instant onramp for Hot Tub users from any chain. Perpetual Protocol’s community can now move value directly into the vaults on Optimism in seconds from all our supported chains, including Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, Linea and Avalanche.

deBridge Widget offers a streamlined onramp to Perp’s Hot Tub dApp, providing cross-chain functionality in an easy-to-integrate package. Users get an enhanced experience moving across chains thanks to deBridge Widget:

  1. Faster transactions
  2. Higher capital-efficiency
  3. Guaranteed Finality
  4. MEV protection
  5. No slippage

To support the integration of the deBridge Widget, we are co-hosting a special campaign with Perpetual Protocol. We invite everyone to take part for a chance to win exclusive Perpetual Protocol NFT and OP tokens in the raffle.

What is the eligibility process to win the rewards?

All users have to complete two tasks in order to be eligible for the campaign.

Step 1: Bridge at least 100 USDC to Optimism network using the deBridge widget on

Step 2: Deposit at least 100 USDC into the USDC-BTC Hot Tub vault for 24 hours on

What are the starting and ending dates of the campaign?

The competition runs from November 22nd, Wednesday, until November 29th, 11:59 PM (UTC).

Where will the campaign take place?

The campaign will be executed on Galxe.

What can participants win?

  1. 500 OP tokens in raffle — All participants have the opportunity to be part of a raffle draw, where a total of 500 OP tokens will be distributed to the Top 5 users.
  2. 1 NFT by Perpetual Protocol is claimable for every user.

How can you improve your odds of winning the raffle?

Each participant is eligible to claim a unique NFT (optimism-based) via Galxe, which may offer future perks such as fee discounts.

Users will compete in a raffle draw, which will distribute a total of 500 OP tokens among the top 5 participants. Each winner will receive 100 OP tokens based on the number of tickets they’ve earned during the campaign. Here is how you can earn tickets:

  1. Every $100 bridged via the DLN bridge widget in the Perpetual UI will earn one ticket. For example, if a user bridges $100,000 worth of assets during the campaign, they will receive 1000 tickets.
  2. Every $100 deposited into Hot Tub vaults and held for a day will get a ticket. For example, depositing $300 for 2 days will result in 6 tickets. Similarly, a $100 deposit kept for 14 days will accumulate 14 tickets.

Pro Tip: Larger deposits and longer holding periods significantly increase the number of tickets, enhancing the chances of winning in the raffle.

About Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol is an on-chain perpetual futures DEX with deep liquidity and builder-ready composability. It is a trustless crypto trading platform building the future of DeFi on Optimism.

About deBridge

deBridge is a secure cross-chain infrastructure for high-performance interoperability. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables DeFi applications to scale faster with ultra-capital-efficient and deep liquidity transfers across chains.

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