deBridge Update — March 2022

Welcome to the fifth edition of deBridge Monthly Update! It’s been an eventful period at deBridge — and Q2 is just getting started!

deBridge Update — March 2022

Welcome to the fifth edition of deBridge Monthly Update! It’s been an eventful period at deBridge — and Q2 is just getting started! Here’s all that went down in March.

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  • 🔁 The launch of deSwap, a native built cross-chain swaps application built on the deBridge infrastructure. This is just one out of endless opportunities with deBridge.
  • 🤝 Partnership with 1inch to enable any arbitrary cross-chain swaps in a single transaction. Yes, you read that correctly! Just one transaction.
  • 🖱 You can generate your own invitation link on deSwap and share that with your community and people you know! WAGMI.

You can try out deSwap here:


17 March 2022: deBridge Community Call #5

  • Streamed live on Discord and YouTube. We had a live demo of deSwap, answered community questions, and more.

22–27 March 2022: Avalanche Summit at Barcelona


The deBridge team is rapidly expanding and we have now over 20+ team members on board. We are looking for more great people to join us on our aim to develop a universal messaging protocol and decentralized infrastructure that will securely connect blockchains, protocols, and applications.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Developer Relations Advocate
  • Ecosystem Integration Advocate
  • Senior Solidity Developer
  • Senior Angular Developer
  • JavaScript / TypeScript Software Engineer
  • Product and Visual Designer

Explore all our open roles here: Reach out to us if you want to join the team in a different role!


  • Want to start building with deBridge today? Here are some examples of how you can deploy BridgeAppBase.sol, a base contract that enables the construction of various cross-chain intercommunication situations. Developers can now begin to add cross-chain functionality to various NFTs, DeFi, and DAO use cases.
  • You can also get started integrating with the deSwap API to enable cross-chain swaps in a matter of minutes. Here is Swagger to easily get started:
  • In the near future, a number of more tutorials on integrating and building on top of deBridge will be available. If you’re ready to get started right away, contact us on Telegram or Discord, or by email at [email protected] If you have any questions or comments concerning the process, please contact us.


  • The deBridge Explorer is now showing logo icons for each chain.
  • deSwap UI automatically detects if an address is a contract or EOA, to clearly inform users of the potential risk and to prevent sending funds to the wrong address.
  • Slippage calculation and USD equivalent of the token price are added.
  • The fallback address is now filled automatically with a sender’s wallet address
  • Claim and Connect Wallet buttons are now shown correctly on the transaction page.
  • Added user notification to refresh routing calculation every 40 seconds.
  • Bugfix: there were user cases when the execution fee couldn’t be calculated and the transaction couldn’t proceed.
  • Bugfix: there were user cases when the application couldn’t be uploaded and the preloader was showing constantly.
  • Added new exchange rate feature and high execution fee warning.


deBridge network

  • 5,000+ transactions🌉
  • 2250+ unique users
  • 55 assets bridged

Stay updated and get involved

  • 13k+ Twitter followers 👥
  • 9100+ Discord members 👥
  • 3500+ Telegram members 👥
  • 9 international groups on Discord🌏
  • 5 Community calls📺


The first quarter of this year has been really exciting, and we can’t wait for the rest of the year! Remember to follow our socials below to stay updated, try out deSwap, and get started building with deBridge! We’re just getting started.

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