Introducing deBridge Points

Introducing deBridge Points
deBridge Points are officially LIVE

At deBridge, we’re building the bridge that DeFi deserves.

That bridge should be so fast it can keep up with the hectic pace of DeFi, so efficient it can help it scale without bottlenecks, and so secure people can move millions of dollars worth of value with complete confidence.

Nearly three years after the mission started, we’re proud to say that deBridge is growing exponentially on every count — volumes, number of transactions, new users, new partners, new chains — and that it’s now time to take the next major step in our path to decentralization.

It’s time for the launch of deBridge Points.

Why deBridge Points and what are they for?

As deBridge moves further down the path to decentralization, the launch of our points program will be the main way we hand power over to our community. If designed well, a points mechanism is a very powerful distribution channel that allows anyone to actively contribute and join the future governance.

Everyone who has used a deBridge product has contributed to our mission and deserves recognition for our collective success. It’s that simple.

This goes for everyone across the entire deBridge ecosystem, including our valued partners and integrators, our power users, and our day-one users, all of whom have guided and shaped our tech, helped bring our products to DeFi, and ultimately given us the drive to keep going.

How are deBridge Points acquired?

While early supporters are being rewarded for their loyalty (retroactively), so too will anyone who actively contributes to the deBridge mission moving forward.

We want to create a system that rewards those who have actively supported us at our most pivotal moments, and anyone who joins us moving forward, without creating something that incentivizes farming and sybilling behavior — which does not align with our goals of long-term sustainability.

That’s why if you pay fees to use the deBridge protocol, you are granted points. This includes our own deBridge app, as well as applications of our current (and future) integration partners.

Since 100% of the fees go to the treasury, that gives the future deBridge DAO a revenue-generating protocol to govern over as well as a decent treasury accumulated ($2.3M+ at the time of writing) while receiving voting power proportionally to your contributions to the treasury and/or ecosystem.

At the same time, this approach incentivizes organic use of the infrastructure creating natural monetary filters for bot/hunter networks that have to bear protocol fees, making it harder to dilute organic users who leverage deBridge for instant cross-chain value transfers.

Without further ado, here are the ways to earn points across the deBridge ecosystem.

Making Bridge Transfers

You can earn points for making bridge transfers across the deBridge ecosystem, including the deBridge app, and any partner application.

For every $1 paid in fees, you will earn 100 points. For example, if a user pays $5 in fees to the protocol in a transaction, they’ll earn 500 points.

Points are accrued for cross-chain trades only as same-chain trades are routed directly through our integration partners.

Loyalty Multipliers

To reward loyalty, we’ve also added multipliers for the early adopters and users, the details of which are shared below. Points have already been retroactively credited to all addresses based on these tiers.

Main Categories


Date Range



17/2/2022 - 15/6/2023

3x on past activity during date range | 1.5x on Season 1 activity


16/6/2023 - 31/12/2023

2x on past activity during date range | 1.3x on Season 1 activity


1/1/2024 - 8/4/2024

1.5x on past activity during date range | 1.1x on Season 1 activity


9/4/2024 - Onwards

1x on future activity

Special Categories

Date Range


Solflare Wallet

9/4/2024 - Onwards

1.1x on Season 1 activity

deSwap v1 Curve LPs 

17/2/2022 - 15/6/2023

1.5x on future activity

Tier 1
From the deBridge mainnet launch to the day before the official launch of DLN, our cross-chain intents network that enabled a new paradigm for instant cross-chain value transfers based on 0-TVL design.

Date range: Feb 17, 2022 (The date we launched deBridge mainnet) – June 15, 2023 (DLN goes live).

Tier 2
From the DLN launch to the first teaser about deBridge Points.

Date range: June 16, 2023 (the day after DLN launched) – December 31, 2023 (the day before we teased about points on our website).

Tier 3
Date range: From Points teaser to the launch of Points.

Date range: From January 1, 2024 (The day we put the points teaser on our website) – April 9, 12:00 UTC, 2024 (the time we announced the Points program).

Tier 4
Launch of deBridge Points and beyond.

Date range: From today April 9th, 2024 and beyond

Solflare Wallet Tier
Launch of deBridge Points and beyond as per our promise to support the Solflare team and its users:

This multiplier is stackable with the user’s multipliers and applicable only for cross-chain value transfers performed in the deBridge app and initiated from Solana through Solflare or Soflare Metamask Snap wallet options.  

Date range: From today until the end of the Season 1 Points program.

Curve LP Tier
Anyone that supplied liquidity to the deSwap v1 pools on Curve, before deBridge moved to a zero TVL model.

Where can I see my points balance?

Your points balance is reflected in the top menu of the Explorer, after connecting your wallet address.

Your points overview will be updated shortly after a transfer is completed (it may take up to a few hours for us to update the points). View your rank and all performed protocol activity in our leaderboard:

If you think your points balance is not correct, feel free to open a ticket in our Discord, and we’ll be glad to validate the math.

Can multipliers be stacked/combined?

Note that multipliers can be stacked, where eligible. For example, the Solflare Wallet multiplier in our app is stackable, and users that fall into Tier 2 will earn 1.4x on future activity (1.1x + 1.3x).

Why do Solflare Wallet bridge users get a multiplier?

DeFi is all about inclusion, and Solflare Wallet has been a key partner for us in the Solana ecosystem and supported us from Day 1 on Solana. We may add a similar multiplier to other key partners during the time of the points program.

Why do Curve LPs get a multiplier?

The old version of our cross-chain liquidity transfer engine was powered by TVL in Curve pools. Anyone who supplied liquidity to these pools was a vital help in powering the first iteration of deBridge. Curve LPs have received 30 points for every dollar of interest earned. The overview of eligible addresses and points accumulated can be found here.

Making Referrals

We also have a system where anyone who refers a friend to deBridge will be granted points.

Referrers earn 25% on top of all the points generated through their referral link. This is valid for both individual referrers and integrator (partner) referrers.

For example, if your referral earns 10 points, you get 2.5 points. Read more about how to get started and how our unique referral structure and its different components work, or generate your referral link here.

Integrating deBridge

Just like individual referrers, integration partners who leverage deBridge API, Widget, or interact with deBridge smart contracts will also accrue 25% of points from the total amount of points generated by their users. Thanks to their integration, Jupiter DAO is the second-largest entity on the Points leaderboard as Jupiter users have generated $316M of volumes on deBridge.

Integration partners can generate a referral/integration code here to set it in the Widget builder or have it passed in all queries to deBridge API.

Early partners get automatically rewarded for their loyalty as their users generate more points for early activity and get assigned multipliers through one of the Tiers described above.

Generate your integration code here to join a great group of partners such as Jupiter, Solflare, Banana Gun, and Zeta, who have already integrated deBridge into their apps.

deBridge IaaS (Integrators)

deBridge IaaS is the first-ever service for EVM & SVM blockchain ecosystems, enabling high-performance cross-chain interoperability with a single subscription. IaaS allows teams to focus on building innovative products while allowing us to navigate the interoperability maze.

Our deBridge IaaS-initialized chains accrue 30 points for every $1 in fees paid to the protocol while users can easily trade between any integrated chains (including IaaS) and earn points for their activity. Multipliers are not applied to IaaS fees.

We’re pleased to share that 8 chains have now subscribed to deBridge IaaS for onboarding users from the entire chainscape. Head over to our blog to learn more about deBridge IaaS.

Getting Started

If you are new to the DeFi landscape, deBridge is the fastest way to have the whole chainverse at your fingertips.

Anyone can start earning points by making a cross-chain transfer on deBridge app, or any of our integration partners. You can view the accrued points via the points dashboard, which also features a leaderboard with certain specifics, including your points, ranking, multiplier, and much more.

Points will be credited to your overview within a few minutes of the transaction being performed.

deBridge app:

Points dashboard:

Some of our integrators are Jupiter, Solflare Wallet, Birdeye, Zeta Markets, among others. See the full list of announced integration partners on our blog.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to remove from participation addresses that abuse the Points system through self-referring, sybil activity, or in any other way.

Why do deBridge Points Matter?

We believe points will help reward our loyal community members across the entire deBridge ecosystem and act as the main way for us to distribute governance power. This also includes our partners and integrators, such as Jupiter, Solflare, and more, who have brought major revenues to us.

Once again, we reserve the right to nullify points of wallets trying to game the system in any way. Our vision is to reward and incentivize, as much as possible, genuine, loyal users. We’re very excited for deBridge Points and all the upcoming launches and updates coming later this year. A big thank you to our community, users, partners, integrators, and others who have been a part of this journey so far.

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